All Colleges honor a students IEP (Individual Learning Program).  During our research these are the Colleges that indicated the specific disability their school caters too.  Use a search engine to find more colleges in your area. 


Colleges/Universities                                            Caters to:                                    Web Address    

American University                                             Learning Disabilities/ADHD

University Of Arizona (AZ)                                   Learning Disabilities/ADHD

University of Colorado (CO)                                 Qualified Students              

University of Connecticut (CT)                             Learning Disabilities            

University of Denver (CO)                                   LD/ADHD/Psych/Physical    

DePaul University (IL)                                         Learning Disabilities/ADHD 

Fairleigh Dickinson University (NJ)                     Learning Disabilities            

University of Georgia (GA)                                  Learning Disabilities            

Hofstra University (NY)                                       Physical/Learning/Psych    

Northeastern University (MA)                              Learning   Disabilities/ADD        


Purdue University (IN)                                         Learning Disabilities                 

Rochester Institute of Technology (NY)              ADD/ADHD/Autism/Vision/Learning

Syracuse University (NY)                                    Learning Disabilities                   

University of Vermont (VT)                                  Learning Disability/ADD/ADHD/Psych

Curry College (MA)                                             Qualified Students                     

Landmark College (VT)                                       Dyslexia/ADD/ADHD/LD           

Lesley University (MA)                                        Qualified Students                     

Mercyhurst College (PA)                                     Autism/Sensory/Learning/Physical

Mitchell College (CT)                                           Learning Disabilities/ ADHD      

Albion College (MI)                                              Learning Disabilities                   

Central Michigan University (MI)                         Sensory Disabilities                     

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (MI)               Learning Disabilities/ADHD         

Wayne State University (MI)                                Learning Disabilities/ADHD        

Oakland Community College (MI)                       Mental Learning Disability/ADD  

Finlandia College (MI)                                         Learning Disability/ADD/ADHD   

Albilene Chritian University (TX)                        Sensory Disabilities                      

Adelphi University (NY)                                      Learning Disabilities/ADHD

American Institutional College (MA)                   Learning Disability/Autisim/Hearing

Alfred University (NY)                                         Learning Disibility/ADHD            

American University                                           LD/Autism/Physical                     

Anderson University                                           ADHD/Autism/Physical               

Andrew College (GA)                                         Hearing/LD                                  

Augsburg College (MN)                                      LD/Autism