Sex and Morals

Should I wait to have sex?

You have to reflect on your own personal reasons for wanting to have sex.  If you choose to have sex remember to keep it safe and use contraceptives.  You cannot look at someone and know if they are HIV positive or have a STD.  You should never have sex because it is the in thing to do. Never let someone or a group pressure you to have sex.  Evaluate your reasons, your own morals and ethics.  That should determine your decision to have sex before marriage.

Oral sex is considered sex.  Penetration is considered sex.  No one can tell you what to do with your body because eventually you will do what you want.  Do not let anyone pressure you into having sex. What is your reason for having sex?  To make someone want you?  Someone can want you sexually but that does not mean they will be committed to you.  For popularity?  Is that a reputation to be valued?  Sex does not make individuals respect you.  You want to experience the real deal?  There should be no rush in having sex.  Have standards before giving yourself to another person.

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Know the consequences of having sex

Feeling used
Feeling bad about yourself
Protect yourself
Assess for STD
Use contraceptives

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Is it normal to masturbate?

Yes.  Your father did it.  Your mother did.  Their parents did it too.  We all do at some point in our life.  Masturbation becomes a problem when you do it in public, done compulsively, and interferes with your daily routine.

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Is honesty the best policy?

Assess the situation and use common sense.  Everything has a cause and an effect.

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