Should I quit school?

The purpose of school is to provide you with skills and knowledge to help your be productive in life.  You can use the skills and knowledge you have learned in school to create opportunities.  Of course there are people who say they dropped out of school and became a millionaire.  Could that be you?  Some people who drop out of school do not have the quality of life they could have because they did not finish school.  Will this be you? Evaluate your surroundings, talk to some folks, look up stats, and use common sense.

If you are struggling in school, you are not the first, and won’t be the last.  Be proactive. Change your behavior for the better, study, go to tutoring, join some clubs, ask for help, and believe that you can do it!!  Look for reasons as why you can finish school as oppose to why you can’t. You can do it!

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How can I improve my grades?

Every student will not be an all A student or honor roll student.  Does that mean you are not smart or gifted?  NO!  There are plenty of people who are successful that were not an all A student or honor roll student.  If you put your best effort forth in learning the material in school and completing assignments, you are doing good.  To improve your grades:

Take your education serious

Believe that you can
Stay focused
Get a study buddy
Study alone
Get tutoring
Go to the help centers (writing, math, reading, etc.)

Make no excuses.  Failure is not an option.  Focus on your focus and make improvements. You can do it! 

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Why am I getting bullied?

People who get bullied are considered the weakest link.  Individuals who bully other people are weak. Bullies try to build themselves up by picking on someone who they believe will not stick up for themselves.  Bullies don't pick on people who will defend themselves.  You may feel intimidated but you have to stick up for yourself.  That does not mean kill or injure someone.  You can let someone know that you will not tolerate their nonsense in a nonviolent verbal way and will use self-defense if you have too!     

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How can I get along with my teacher?

School is not about getting along with your teacher.  It is about receiving information that can help equip you to compete in society.  If you do not like your teacher, they do not have to know.  If your teacher seems to have an issue with you try having a one on one conversation with them about what you are trying to accomplish in the class.  You do not have to ask them if they like you or how they feel about you.  Simply discuss your goals with them and ask them what it is you need to do to pass their class.  

However, if your teacher discriminates or treats you different from other classmates you should inform your parents to set up a meeting with that teacher and their superior to resolve any issues.  Make sure you are ready to present your case with facts and details about what happened on days. Document each incident. Be prepared to suggest an outcome.  

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How can I get and keep a job?

Look at the job description and determine if you can perform the job duties.  Read the directions on how to apply.  Go ahead and apply you have nothing to lose.  Do a follow up call.  Keep applying to jobs until you get hired.  Don’t give up someone will hire you.  Once you are hired be on time, respect all individuals, provide great customer service, and be able to effectively perform the job duties.

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What career should I choose?

You should choose a career that interest you and that will support your lifestyle.  Check out careers.

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