How can I make friend?

If there are individuals that you are interested in getting to know just simply go up to them and start a conversation.  This will allow you to know if there is a connection.  Be yourself.  Have a regular conversation.  Two things can happen you all continue to be friends or not!

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How can I cope with peer pressure?

Say no and don’t feel bad about it.  No one should pressure anyone to do anything.  You should not surround yourself with individuals who make you act irresponsible or cause harm to yourself or others.  Excuse yourself from the people, the party, and the premises.  Just simply say excuse me and walk away.  Who cares what anyone has to say.  You have to be strong.  If anyone has something to say tell them that is there issue not yours! You have to look at yourself in the mirror daily and live with who you are.  At the end of the day you should be able to say I am who I am, I do what I want, not because you want me too, but because I want too.  No to you, and yes to me. 

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How can I tell a friend that something he or she does bothers me?

Sometimes it is hard to tell someone something that you don’t like what they do without offending them.  However, if you want the friendship to remain without resentment it is best that you are always honest with your friend.  Get your friend alone and say something like “I want to tell you something without offending you but it bothers me or makes me feel uncomfortable when...” 

A true friend will evaluate the situation. If they are doing something wrong they will acknowledge and respect your feelings and try not to do what makes you feel uncomfortable or bothers you.  Or, sometimes you have to part ways or, distance yourself from the person.

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