Dr. Peart


Ms. Jazzii


​Dr. Peart & Ms. Jazzii Mommie Tips

Balancing Work & Home Life

•Evaluate your situation
•Prioritize family, work & school
•Establish a pattern that’s a good fit for you and your child
•Make hard stops to spend time with your children
•Show interest in your child
•Stay committed

Dr. Peart & Ms. Jazzii Mommie Tips

Raising Self Sufficient Children

•Provide your children support
•Provide them with experiences
•Build confidence within your child
•Teach them how to problem solve
•Give specific tasks & responsibility
•Allow chances to succeed
•Keep your child involved in extra curricular activities
•Teach money management skills
•Establish an accountability system
•Remove fear from your heart and your child’s heart
•Stay committed

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Episode 1: Balancing Work & Home

Episode 2: Raising Self Sufficient Children


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Mommie Talk provides information and support for all facets of raising and dealing with children. Dr. Peart & Ms. Jazzii addresses parenting issues and provide tips on how to effectively child rear.

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Episode 3: Potty training: Is it Necessary?