The accountant maintains accurate records of a company’s profits and losses.  They help the company use their money efficiently.  A master’s in accounting is necessary for a stable job in this profession. Median pay is $53,000.

Budget Analyst   

You would be responsible for developing and analyzing budgets. They look after the company’s financial resources and estimate future expenses.  A master’s in accounting or finance is necessary. Average pay is $63,400.

Insurance Underwriter 

This job requires you to evaluate applications for insurance policies.  They determine the degree of risk to the insurance company of the person or property that is listed on the application.  An insurance “risk” is how costly the customer would be under the terms of the policy.  Insurance underwriters are to look out for the wellbeing of the insurance company by not being too liberal or conservative.

Title Examiner

You would search, analyze, and evaluate records dealing with titles to land, homes, and buildings.  You would determine if the property is free to sale or use.  You would examine title insurance, grant mortgage loans, buy and sell property, obtain rights of way, and protect mineral rights. You need a high school diploma, along with training for this profession. Salary is about $34,000.

Claims Examiner 

Claims examiners or reviewers, examine the claims made against insurance companies.  You would be responsible for approving claims, rejecting claims, or arranging settlements. A college degree is necessary; average salary is $36,320.

Reservations Agent 

Do you like talking to people and providing excellent customer service?  You would help costumes book flights on airlines.  You would enter their information into the computer system, locate available flights, and best fare for the customer.  Reservation agents also provide information about flying, airport security, and baggage policies.       

Auditor/IRS Agent 

Auditor verifiers the financial records of a company.  Auditors check the bookkeeping and accounting methods.  They compare books with banks, brokers, creditors, and other businesses that deal with the company.  They help business cut cost, save on taxes, increase profits, or determine fraud.  You can major in accounting or finance.  The median salary is $56,000.

If you like
· Clerical functions
· Able to maintain order and process information and data
· Follow work pattern
· Work with information, data, or things more than people
· Able to follow procedures
· Balance financial statements or calculate payments

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