​​​Do you have a question you want answered without judgement?
MSQ is a resource for teens and parents to answer questions on social issues we may encounter through our lives.
Information is also provided on colleges and career options.

We answer questions on Appearances,Dating, Drugs & Alcohol, Feelings & Forgiveness, Grieving, Home Life, Leisure TimeParenting, Peers​, School & Work, Sex & Morals, and My Future

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MSQ Prize Give Away

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Winner will be announced June, 2019.

*Contest can change at anytime."

Past Contest Winners

MSQ May Winner

Torris- $35.00

MSQ June Winner

Natalie- $50.00

MSQ July Winner

​Marlon- $25.00

MSQ August Winners

1st prize- Kevin Morgan- $50.00

2nd prize- Steven McKinney- $25.00

3rd prize- Deondre Smith- $15.00

MSQ September Winner

Damon Williams- $25.00