Contest are held monthly.  Winners will recieve payment through a cash app.

MSQ Contest "My Achievement!"

​Rules: No adults can enter the contest.

​Briefly Tell MSQ of your achievement!

1.  What have you achieved?

2.  How you achieved it?

3.  When you achieved it? 

4.  Why was it important for you to achieve? 
​5.  Any additional inspiring comments...

Written submissions 30 words or less with a picture.  Video submissions should be 1 min or less.  We want to hear real stories.  No achievement is too small.  Your story could possibly inspire individuals in the world.

Prize- 1st prize  $20.00   

           2nd prize $10.00   

           3rd prize  $5.00

Deadline: August 30, 2018

Winner will be announced September 10th, 2017.

*Contest can change at anytime.

Past Contest Winners

MSQ May Winner

Torris! "My grades improved in school."

MSQ June Winner

Natalie! "I saw my ex-boyfriend and didn't go hysterical.  I played it smooth and kept it moving."

MSQ July Winner

​Marlon! "I did not spazz out when my teacher made me upset."

​Contribute to MSQ monthly prize giveaway.  Your donation will be posted on our site and given to our prize winner!

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