Dentists are health professionals who take care of patient’s teeth.  They help their patients keep their teeth and gums healthy.  College along with dental school to receive certification.  They can make about $127,300.

Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientists conduct research on pollutants and hazards in the environment.  They work to regulate, control, and prevent air, land, and water pollution.  You must have a degree in environmental studies or biology.  You can make on average $51,204.

Analyzing, Researching, Studying
· Work with technical information and data
· Use mathematical formulas to solve problems
· Analyze data for research and development
· Use intellect to learn and synthesize new information into theories
· Pursue knowledge through advanced degrees
· Discover new applications for technology.

Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists are licensed professionals who clean patients mouth.  They diagnose problems and teach patients how to prevent dental problems.   You must have a dental license with a 2-year college degree.

Mechanical Drafter

Drafters or computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) specialists, prepare technical drawings and plans. These plans are used by production construct machines i.e. toys, coffee makers, etc.  They require high school and two-year degree.  You could make up to $41,400.

Photo-optics Technician

Sets up and operates photo-optical instrumentation.  They record and photograph data for scientific and engineering projects. They operate the functions to calibrate photo-optical equipment according to formalized procedures, maintenance manuals, and schematic diagrams. Controls test equipment and completes and analysis of data for engineering and scientific workers.

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Operating Room Technician        

A scrub or operating room technician works very closely with the surgeon in the operating room. Their role is very important.  This professional sets up the operating room before surgery and makes sure the room is sterile. You must have an advanced medical degree and make up to $46,200.

Systems Analyst               

Computer systems analyst or system analyst analyze business or scientific tasks.  They plan and develop the hardware systems and software functions of a computer. College training is necessary and you can make, on average, $63,200.  

Nurse Anesthetist

A nurse anesthetist is a registered nurse who can administer anesthetics to patients. You must have an advanced and specialized degree in anesthetics. You can make up to $129,000.

Laser Technician 

Laser technicians work in a variety of fields that include aerospace, alternative energy, telecommunications, or even medicine and cosmetic industries. Laser technicians assemble, test and operate systems that perform tasks with lasers. You need an associate’s degree for this profession and can earn up to $44,100 on average.

Film Laboratory Technician

Job duty ranges from mixing specified chemicals for the use in processing film or editing.   A film editing degree would assist in in the search for this career.