Promotes, Sells, Manages, Profit
· Lead/manage  a team to accomplish goals
· Sells products or services
· Pioneer a new product, service, or company
· Talent for developing, selling, and promoting
· Influence others through communicative skills  

Human resources manager. 

Human resources managers manage the needs of a company's employees. They develop, supervise, and manage employment programs, salary compensation, job evaluations, health care benefits, promotions, equal opportunity initiatives, and education and training programs.  A college degree is necessary. Average salary is $81,900


Lawyers provide legal representation for their clients.  They interpret laws, apply laws to specific situations, and draft new laws. An advanced degree in law is necessary. You can earn up but not limited to $94,200.

Manufacturer's representative. 

Manufacturer representatives sells products to businesses. They sell several wholesale products. This career can make between $48,000 to $81,200.

Purchasing agent.

Purchasing agents are in charge of buying raw materials, goods, and services their company needs to maintain operations.  Purchasing agents are employed by schools, hospitals, and government offices. This career requires a bachelor’s degree and on the job training. It makes the average salary of $47,300.

Business manager. 

A business manager plans, directs, and coordinates the operations within a company.  A business manager is also responsible develops policies and manages the daily operations of the business.  A business degree is helpful in this career.

Travel Agent. 

Travel agents assist people with planning trips. The average salary for a travel agent is about $98,000

Labor relations specialist.

Labor relations specialists negotiate contracts between workers and managers. A degree in Political Science or Sociology assist with this career choice. The average salary for this profession is $76,200

Public relations director. 

Public relations or media specialists communicate with the public on behalf of companies, organizations or governments.  You can get a master’s in public relations in most universities. Average salary for this profession is $56,200.

Merchandise manager. 

The merchandising manager makes final decisions regarding purchases.  They negotiate the cost of goods for the store. They determine the sell price of goods in order to make a profit. You can major in merchandising or financing at a college. The average salary is $94,200.


Lobbyists must be talented at the art of persuasion.  They figure out how to persuade politicians to vote on legislation that favors the interest of the party they represent.  They are employed by public organizations, private organizations, or individuals.  A major in political studies helps with this career choice. Average salary is $50,000.

Financial planner. 

Financial planners help individuals examine their immediate and long-term financial situations. They advise individuals on investing and how they should spend their money.  A masters in Finance is required for most financial firms. The average salary is $67,200

Real estate agent. 

Assist people with buying a house.  The real estate agent helps homebuyers with this decision by locating and showing properties, arranging financing, and closing the sale. Salary depends on your sales!

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