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Should I honor my father and mother?

Good parents want what is best for their children, do not abuse them, and keep them safe.  They may foresee things that you do not understand and are only trying to protect you and raise an independent person.  Respect and honor your parents.  

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How can I make my parents understand me?

Communication.  People will have disagreements and not always share the same opinion.  The best way to make someone understand you is by telling them how you feel and your reasons.  Be honest.  Hopefully they listen with an open mind without judgement.  Don’t bs with your parents about the way you feel.  Help them understand with open and honest communication.  It will be up to that individual to understand and accept your reasons.

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How can I get my parents to give me more freedom?

Show leader characteristics and responsibility.  A leader is one who is responsible and is capable of making decisions without falling under pressure.  Try negotiating with your parents.  Provide facts on why it would be positive to give you more freedom.  Make sure you tell them what you will be doing.  Start with a small event and work yourself up to more. 

Make sure you are doing good in school.  Complete all your work.  Pitch in help around the house.  Do your chores and work without being told.  Perhaps this will make your parents give you more freedom.    

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Why did my parents’ divorce?

Things don’t always work out.  Don’t blame yourself.  Children should never be put in the middle of adult affairs.  Adults should be able to work out their own problems.  Divorce is a good decision when chaos, confusion, and things that should not be happening are taking place.

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How can I deal with my parent new significant other?

This can be iffy and tuff especially if their new mate is not good.  If you are not satisfied with your parent’s new mate keep your distant and remain respectable.  If there are some things that make you uncomfortable about this new person you should talk to your parent in private.  Hopefully they should understand and make some adjustments so that their child is comfortable.  Give it some time and see how things play out. 

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Why are my brother and sister hard to get along with?

Siblings will have disagreements.  Just because someone is your brother or sister does not necessarily mean that you will always get along with them.  You should try to get along with your sibling because family is important.  Evaluate why you all are having disagreements.  Is it because both you all are stubborn and want control over the tv or a game?  Do they constantly go in your stuff (lock your stuff up, problem solved).  Is it because the younger sibling wants to hang with you and your friends.  Or, they tell on you when you are doing wrong (someone needs to keep you on a straight path, be thankful). All these are really small things.  

Call a family meeting and discuss how you all can work it out. Start the conversation off with I think it would be better if, or I feel, or I... Don't attack the other individual. Work it out.  Tomorrow is not promised.  Enjoy the time!  You all will be old and gone separate ways before you know it. 

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Should I leave home?

People want to leave home for different reasons.  Evaluate your reason and ask yourself the following questions.

Do you have somewhere else safe to go?
Will you be able to take care of yourself?
What is your plan?
If your plan does not work out what are your other options?

Some people leave home and their situation gets better and they become successful.  On the other hand, it does not always work out that way.  Evaluate your plan and make sure you think of all the negative things that can happen and how you can overcome them mentally and physically.  Some things seem better mentally (in our head) but in the physical (real world) are not as what we expected. 

If you are going to college, HECK YES leave!!  You should learn how to be a responsible individual.

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