Restaurant Manager

They supervise and manage a restaurant.  Duties vary depending on where they work.  They operate the kitchen, dining area, and oversee the daily operations.  Having a degree in business management is helpful for this career.


Medical assistants aid physicians work in doctors' offices, hospitals, and medical clinics. They do patient, laboratory work, keep medical records, bookkeeping, and answer phone.   A high school diploma and certification is required.  Salary begins at $25,000.

Newspaper Deliverer

Delivers newspapers to customers.  Loads newspapers onto vehicle and drives a route on city streets or rural roads.  Newspaper deliverers can make up to $21,000.

Radiological Technologist

Radiographers, take X-rays (radiographs), of the inside of the human body.  This requires a 2-4-year degree.  You can earn $42,300 with this degree.

Social Service Caseworker

Offers assistance to children and families.  They help them deal with psychological and social problems. Caseworkers provide professional social services in the following fields: child protection, intake, adoption, children’s services, mental health, substance abuse, etc.  A degree in family development or social work is required.  They can make around $45,200.


Maintains library collections of books, serial publications, documents, audiovisual, and other materials.  They help people locate books, material, and periodicals.  Onsite training and a high school diploma is required.  They make an average of $57,300.

Flight Attendant

Flight attendants' primary responsibility is to make sure safety regulations on airplanes are followed. They ensure passengers are comfortable. A bachelor’s degree and some training is required. They make on medium about $40,000.

Mental health technician

A psychiatric technician works in a psychiatric facility and provides care for mentally ill patients.  An associate’s degree is necessary for this career.  The median salary is $28,300.

Cafeteria Worker

Prepare and serve food in a cafeteria setting.  They work in schools, hospitals, hotels, and nursing homes.  A high school diploma is necessary.  A degree in food & nutrition would be beneficial.  Cafeteria workers make a little more than minimum wage.

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Physical Therapist

Physical therapists help patients suffering from injury.  They improve their mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities. Physical therapists work with health-care teams that include physicians, occupational therapists, and psychologists. They work in hospitals, nursing homes, or rehabilitation centers. An Advance degree is required. Salary range $61,000-$90,000.

Driving Instructor

Through a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-road practice, driving instructors prepare students for the exams they must pass to get their driver's permits and licenses. They teach students to operate vehicles and instill respect for state driving laws and parking regulations. To be a driving instructor, you must regularly pass driving tests as well as have a clean driving record. Driving teachers in high schools make about $41,000 on average.


Chauffer’s provide transportation to family members, schools, various businesses, and social functions.  They drive and maintain cars, limousines, vans, government agencies vehicles, and business firm’s cars. Chauffeurs need job-site training and must have a great driving record. Salary differs.

Nurse practitioner

Nurse practitioners help with all aspects of patient care. To become a nurse practitioner, you must become certified as a registered nurse and obtain a practitioner license.

Special Education Teacher

Instruct students with disabilities.  You can choose the type of students you want to work with such as cognitive impaired, learning disabled, emotional impaired, autistic, etc.  A teaching degree is required in education. The average salary is $44,000.


Guides, directs, and take patrons tickets in theaters, stadiums, symphony halls, and other places. A high school diploma is necessary for this position.  Salary 30,000

Parking Lot Attendant

Park automobiles or issue tickets for customers in a parking lot or garage. May collect fee. They also may act as security for the parking lot.  On-site training as well as a high school diploma is necessary for this career.  Also, their salary ranges with their duties.

Dental Hygienist

They are licensed professionals who help dentists provide treatment for patient’s mouth.  State laws limit the duties a hygienist can perform.  Hygienists examine patients' teeth and gums.  They provide services such as x-rays and removing stains and tartar and yellow deposits You need a 2-year degree with certification


Massages customers body, using several techniques.  You can go to a trade school for physical/massage therapy to advance in this career.   Salary ranges between $23,000-$80,300.

Chemical Dependency Counselor

They help people with alcohol and drug problems. A master's degree is usually required to be licensed.  Some states accept a bachelor's degree with counseling courses. They can make between $36,000 to $52,000.


They provide customer service to customers.  They go over menu items.  They take the orders of customers and ensure their needs are met.  They can make up to $21,000, if they make good tips.


Psychologists study behavior.  They teach, research, or provide social service in schools, clinics, government agencies, and private industry.  The average salary for psychologists in the United States was $64,210.


Ministers are the head of the church. They organize sermons for their church members. Campus ministers coordinate regular large-group meetings with speakers, music and refreshments. These meetings serve as a place for students to build friendships, hear spiritual messages and invite interested friends. Majoring in theology would assist with this career.  You can earn between $23,300 to $72,000 in this profession based off of congregation size.

Home Health Aide          

Home health aides provide health care services in homes. Their clients include the elderly or people with illnesses or disabilities.  They are employed by hospitals and health care agencies.  They give clients medication, baths, massages and change bandages. They help them to get dressed, do exercises, and keep them mobile.  They make over minimum wage.

Dental Assistant

Provides support to dentist by scheduling appointments, keeping records, receiving payments from patients, and ordering supplies.  A high school diploma is necessary and possibly a dental assisting program.

Funeral Director

Funeral directors or morticians arrange funeral services and burials. They make about $45,000 on average.

Guidance Counselors

School counselors or guidance counselors help students make decisions with their academic development.  They can be found in public schools and private schools.  They collaborate with classroom teachers, school psychologists, school nurses, parents, and community groups to meet the needs of each student. They meet with students individually or in group sessions. They have degrees in education counseling or social work. The medium salary was $47,000.


Barbers and hairstylists shampoo, cut, style, and color hair.  You must have a cosmetology certification to work at most companies. Salary ranges.

Educational Administrator

School administrators manage public education. They serve as principals or superintendents working for local school boards for federal and state programs. Federal administrators develop academic standards, programs, and allocate funds to the schools.  They manage education departments and supervise staff members. They make an average of $70,000.

Furniture Deliverer

Delivers furniture to consumers.  They lift, load, and unload furniture and position the furniture as directed by the customer.  They make about $32,400 on average.

Customer Service Representative

Provide customer service by phone or in person.  A high school diploma is necessary for this career choice, and some college requirement depending on the company you represent. They can make between $24,000 to $57,000.

College Professor

University professors teach college-level courses in their field.  Some conduct original research in their respective fields, publish the results in scholarly journals, and present it at peer conferences. College professors hold a Master’s degree or higher.  College professors can make between $42,000 to $132,400.

Golf Caddy

Carries and handle the golf clubs for players.  Locates balls and holds the marker out of the cup while the player putts. Sometimes they advise players on the proper selection.  You are able to be a golf caddy in high school! Salary ranges.

Taxi Supervisor

Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in operation department of taxicab company. Hires workers, such as Taxi Drivers. Drives automobile around city to investigate honesty and operating efficiency of Taxi Drivers. You must have career training and experience in the taxi business.  The average salary for a taxi supervisor is $26,000


They work in hotels and provide hospitality to guests.  They carry luggage and show guest to their room.  They ensure the lights, ventilation, heating, and other amenities are working properly.  If not, they notify the maintenance department.  Bellhops usually have at least a high school diploma. Their salaries range with tip.


Activities such as Caring & Guiding


Cosmetologists, hairdressers, beauticians care for people's hair, skin, and nails. They work in beauty salons, spas, hospitals, barbershops, resorts, hotels, unisex shops, and many operate their own businesses.  Cosmetologists work with many types of beauty products and often sell them at their salons as well. Salary ranges.

Manicurists specialize in the up keeping and beautifying of the fingers, hands, toes and nails of individuals. They may have some creativity to create the perfect nails for their clients.  Manicurists usually have a cosmetology certification to work at most companies. The salary is about $20,000.

Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory therapists or inhalation therapists treat patients who have difficulty breathing.  They work with several patients, from premature infants to elderly patients. They operate respirators and ventilators. Most respiratory therapists work in hospitals under the supervision of physicians, but some are contracted outside of hospitals in home health agencies and nursing homes. This career requires a 2-4-year degree. The medium salary is $43,800

Bus Driver

Transport individuals from students, the elderly, or persons with disabilities.  They ensure adherence to safety rules. They can assist passengers in boarding or exiting.  Training and a commercial driver’s license is required. Bus drivers make an average of $36,000.

K-12 Teacher     

Teaches students who attend public schools or private schools.  They work in elementary schools, middle schools, secondary schools and preschools.  A bachelor’s degree and teacher certification is required.  The medium salary for this career is $45,000.

Occupational therapist

Occupational therapists help patients improve their basic motor functions.  Their goal is to help patients live independently. A master’s degree is required. Salary $55,000.


Catering involves much more than delivering and serving food. Caterers have to know how to plan menus and arrange food in an eye-pleasing way. They must establish good working relationships with a variety of customers and know how to market their services. Caterers also need to know how and where to order high-quality ingredients at the lowest possible cost. Some caterers prepare food in their own kitchens and deliver it to their customers. A degree in Culinary Arts would be helpful in this profession.  Salaries can range between $32,000 and $72,000, on average.

Director of Placement

Coordinates job placement for individuals in need of a job.  You can make about $58,000 in this career.

Adult Education Teacher

Adult education workers teach evening classes to students older than eighteen.  Others work for community colleges, private and religious organizations, and community groups. You must have a teacher’s certification to teach over the age of 18. This career can page up to $38,500.

Athletic Trainer 

Works with athletes by providing training, physical therapy, and recommendations regarding exercises and diet.  They prevent, examine, and treat athletes' injuries. You need a Bachelor's degree plus training along with National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) certification.  Salary starts at $32,400.

Registered Nurse           

Registered nurses (RNs) promote good health and prevent illness.  RNs use considerable judgment in providing a wide variety of services to their clients.  A 4-year degree and certification is required.  A salary medium of $42,500.