Feelings & Forgiveness

Why don't I like myself?

That is a good question.  Why don’t you like yourself?  Are you behaving in a way that you do not like because it is causing harm to yourself or someone?  Then stop! You can do it. It will take time for you to forgive yourself for your actions.  If you hurt someone, apologize.  They might forgive your or not.  That’s life.  You are in control of yourself. Every action has a reaction.  Do not continue to beat yourself up about it.  Become a changed person for the better.  Learn from it and move on.

If you do not like your current situation come up with a plan.  Stay focused you can do it.  There are plenty people out there who did not like their situation and did something to positively change their situation.  Help with goal planning see MSQ talks Goal Planning.

Is someone or something making you feel bad about yourself.  Then get away from them as soon as possible.  Some people will pick on you if you allow them too.  You should not let someone opinion of you determine your self-value or self-worth.  People will always have something positive or negative to say about someone or something.  You have to learn to like and love yourself.  Focus on what you are packing not lacking.  Be the best You! 

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Why do I get depressed?

We all get sad from time to time.  That is normal.   Did something traumatic happen?  Did something happen that makes you sad?  Did you do something that you feel can’t be forgiven.  Or, did someone do something to do and you’re having a hard to forgive?  If you keep looking backwards how can you possibly continue to go forward.  Try standing up with your head looking backwards and walk forward.  What happens?

It is a process. You have to get up, get out, and do something.  No excuse. Look for reasons why you can.  Take action and do something productive daily.  You may cry and get frustrated but, that is okay.  After that moment has passed keep moving don’t dwell in it.  Release!  Do not let depression consume your body.  Think positive and continue to look, walk, and move forward.  Do you want life to pass you by?  If you need professional help ask Google for the closes certified therapist near you, contact them, and seek help.  

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How can I make my loneliness go away?

Go get you some associates.  Everyone is not going to be your friend.  Join a group, it may take away some of that loneliness.  If not, meet you some people where you find yourself laughing and enjoying their company.  Start conversing with people.  See what happens.  Take it for what is it.  There are people out there that will accept you for you.  Go, get out there, and have a good time.

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Why am I so shy?

It is okay to be shy. The question shouldn’t be why am I shy?  The question should be what can I do so that my shyness doesn’t prevent me from missing out on an opportunity? Practice role playing. This can help you during a real life moment on how to respond to a situation without showing how shy you are. Do not let your shyness take over and you miss out on an opportunity to talk to an individual or take advantage of an opportunity. Take a deep breath, swallow your spit, and go for it!

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Is it possible to forgive? Yes.  People will never forget.  Humans make mistakes and deserve forgiveness.   Forgiveness takes time.  You or that person may need space and that is okay.  Learn to forgive yourself and others by understanding that no one is perfect and at one point in our life we all have done something that we are not proud of. No one really knows how they will respond to a situation until they are put in that scenario.  People may not forget but, there is no need to continue to bring up something that is hurtful. Iit only keeps you in a miserable cycle.

If something was done to you that you just can’t forgive move on.  Do not beat yourself up or the other person.  It’s not healthy to stay in a situation or be around someone you can’t forgive.  You will not grow, you will rot, and become bitter.       

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We all have done something to hurt another person feelings.  You can simply apologize to them through oral or written communication.  Once you have apologized to that individual give that person time and space to forgive you.  You may feel guilty for a while and that is normal.  Once you have apologized and tried to mend the situation you done all that you can do.  No one has to forgive anybody for anything.  So it will be up to that person if they choose to forgive you.  Cause and effect my dear!  Accept the outcome. 

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