Chemists study substances and the changes that they undergo. They collaborate with other chemists, chemical engineers, and chemical technicians.  Chemists work for private companies in fields such as petroleum refining, mining, food processing, and water and sewage treatment. Government agencies also employ chemists in the area of agriculture and pollution control. A master’s degree in chemistry is required.  The median salary is $56,302

Computer specialist      

They are computer consultants for businesses.  Job duties vary depending on company.  A college degree is necessary for this career path.  Also, it makes $83,000    

Polygraph examiner

They give lie detector test to witnesses, suspects, and other individuals involved in criminal trials. The polygraph examiner meets with attorneys to determine what questions need to be asked to each person. They understand the polygraph exam result and can determine if the person is telling the truth.

Dance Instructor

Dance instructors teach people how to dance.  They may specialize in ballet, ballroom, tap, jazz, hip-hop funk or modern dance.

Industrial Designer

Industrial designers work to increase the appearance, efficiency, safety, and effectiveness of industrial products.  A bachelor's degree in industrial design, architecture, or engineering is required. Average salary is $52,310.


Composers create music.  They compose music for film scores, operas, ballets, other stage productions, or even television commercials. Average salary is $34,570


Comedians are performers who entertain people and make them laugh. Comedians come up with their own style and performance delivery.  Salary ranges.

Costume Designer

Costume designers create the look of a character by designing clothes and accessories the actors will wear.

Drama Teacher

Drama teachers educate students in theatre production, performing arts, directing, and set design.  A bachelor’s degree in teaching the performing arts is required.  Average salary is from $47,100 to $51,180.

Fashion Designer

They create the clothing and accessories purchased by customers. It is recommended that they earn a degree in fashion design. Average salary is $62,000.


They construct buildings.  They are responsible for designing, planning, supervising the safety, usefulness, and aesthetics of buildings.  They consult with clients to satisfy their needs.  You will need a master’s degree and certification for this career. The median salary is $62,300.

Photographer/Camera Operator

Camera operators operate the camera and determine how a scene is shot.  Ask a college about a bachelor’s program with a focus in photography/camera operator. 


A journalist who writes for a publication whose articles usually offer commentary and opinions. Most columnists have a degree in Journalism or other related fields such as Communications or English. The average salary is $30,510.

Interior Decorator/Designer

Interior designers design the inside of people’s homes or businesses.  Ask a college about a bachelor’s program with a focus in interior design.


Embalmers prepare the dead for burial and preserve the body for funeral services. They disinfect the body to prevent the spread of disease. Most embalmers work for funeral homes, hospitals, medical schools, and morgues. You need a high school diploma and training for this career. You can make $34,200

Commercial Artist

An artist who specializes in graphic arts and is primarily interested in expressing a client’s ideas. The average salary is $47,970.


Communications professional develop communications and public affairs strategy for their clients, tied to global and regional business objectives.  Bachelor’s degree required. Average salary is $75,947.

Music Arranger

A Music Arranger gathers music for orchestras, bands, choral groups, or individuals. Bachelor’s degree in a related field. Average salary is $40,00

Acoustical Engineer

They solve problems associated with excess noise and vibration. Acoustical engineers control the noise in buildings. A bachelor of science degree in electrical or mechanical engineering, physics, or a related field is required. The average salary for an acoustical engineer is $76,000.


Musicians play musical instruments while vocalist sing.  They perform at church, local bars, hotels, halls, weddings, on TV., etc.


Studies past human lives and habitats.  They hunt for answers to historical mysteries.  You must have a Masters degree in archaeology for this profession and you can make an average of $74,300

Likes to paint, decorate, compose, or write

  ·Prefers to draw or design using graphics or art
· Write a creative work
· Decorate furniture

Into Fashion

Plays an instruments or likes music
· Likes aesthetic activities such as art, music, and drama
· Creative

Music Director/Conductor

A fine arts Music Director works as a musical conductor. A master’s and Ph.D. in musical programs will be beneficial.

Journalist/News Reporter

Journalists gather information on a specific subject, event, occurrence or person and then report the information using media. A degree in Journalism or related fields is required. Average salary is $31,320.


Hydrologists examine the physical characteristics, distribution, and circulation of water above and below the earth's surface.  They study rainfall and other precipitation. They are employed by the government and private facilities.  An advanced degree is required.  The median salary is $65,100 with this career.   

Sign Maker

Sign makers work for commercial sign companies, display companies, in-house sign departments of organizations (such as governments, museums and department stores) and as freelancers.  People in sign making come from a variety of educational backgrounds. A high school diploma may be required by some employers. Community college courses in sign making or other graphic arts related subjects are highly recommended for all sign makers (typography is particularly important). They generally earn between $15,000 and $45,000.

Aerospace engineer

Aerospace engineers develop and test planes and spacecraft.   Choose a college that offers such a program.  Average salary for this career is $83,200.

Film Editor

They assemble footage for feature films, television shows, etc. into a wholly developed product.  Some employers do not require a specialized degree, but it is typically necessary for the film editor to receive training in the area of film production. The average salary is $32,044.

Civil engineer 

Civil engineers plan and design bridges, tunnels, highways, airfields, harbors, water and sewage systems, and buildings. They supervise the construction of projects to ensure that they are built accurately. Civil engineers are employed by the government, construction companies, and engineering and architectural firms. Civil engineers can do independent consulting work.


Maintain flowers and other greenery.  They cut flowers into various sizes and shapes.  Average salary is $20,450.


Pharmacist give drugs to patients as prescribed by physicians.  They provide information about the side effects and use of drugs.  They are required by law to keep records of the drugs they handle. With an advance degree, you can make $83,400.


Geologists study the earth's crust.  They obtain an accurate information involving the structure, history, and composition.  Geologists' findings help with planning construction, planning environmental protection measures, and exploring sources of coal, metals, petroleum, and natural gas. Geologists work for private facilities, for the federal government, at colleges and universities, and museums. The salary median for this career is $67,300


Choreographers create dance routines for artists, individuals, groups, or dance companies. A college degree is not required. Average salary is $33,670


Metallurgist work with metals converting them into useful products.  You need a bachelor’s degree or higher for this career and you can earn up but not limited to $63,000.


Models pose for TV, artist, shows, or display clothes for artist.  No education required.  Salary ranges.


A seismologist studies earthquakes and study seismic waves and movements in the earth. They try to predict what is causing these waves and movements.  They predict when and where they will occur and how to prevent them. They do this by examining data both in the field and a laboratory.  A major in geology or seismology is required. Salary is $79,000.

Interpreter (for the Deaf)

Interpreters convert one spoken language into another.  Interpreting requires that one pay attention carefully and understand what is communicated by both parties.  You need to have an exceptional memory and be able to communicate ideas clearly.  Average salary is $38,850.

Electronic Publishing Specialist

Performs high-level electronic publishing. This job requires a degree in something such as Computer Sciences, Graphic Design, Business Management, etc.

polls & surveys


Sculpture Artists create illustrations and works for various businesses and arts organizations.  A bachelor's degree in Art or a Bachelor of Fine Arts is required.

Publications Editor

Plans, coordinates, and directs editorial activities. Most workers in this field have a degree in something like Journalism or English.

Craft Arts

Makes and sells arts and crafts from their own studios, in retail outlets, or at arts-and-crafts shows.  A bachelor’s degree program or other postsecondary training in art or design would be beneficial.  Average salary is $26,000


A taxidermist is an artist that preserves animals for a variety of reasons. They restore them so that they almost look lifelike.  Takes skills and experience.  Average salary is $31,000.

Motion Picture Producer

They oversee the entire production of a film from beginning to end and deals with the practical and political aspects of a film’s production.

Audiovisual Production Specialist

They work with the audio, video, and lighting to produce a professional video.  You would need to obtain a degree in audio-visual production or, something along those lines.

Medical Illustrator

You would serve as a visual translators of complex technical information to support education, medical and bio-scientific research involving patient care, patient education, public relations, and marketing purposes. You would need a Master's degree from an accredited graduate medical program.  Average starting salary is from $44,000 to $55,000.


They perform controlled experiments and run a variety of tests to learn the results of substances on humans. This is a scientific-based position and requires an in depth understanding of science and biology. Salary is about $67,300

Graphic Artist/Designer

Graphic designer create advertising, illustration, logos, websites, and other visual materials for their clients. Bachelor's or associate's degrees is required. Average salary is $45,340.


Do you like to draw?  You would draw cartoons for publications or television shows.  College education is not necessarily required. Wages can vary from $200 to $1,500 or more each week.


Mathematicians use tools to solve economic, scientific, engineering, physics, and business problems. They are required to have a masters or doctorate degree in Mathematics and can expect to make an average of $82,300

Music Teacher

Music teachers instruct people in vocal or instrumental music. They can work full time or part time at home, in a studio, or in an elementary or secondary school, college, university, or music conservatory.