Electronic Technician

Electronic Technicians solve technical problems.  They conduct research and use principles, theories of science to develop, manufacture, sale, construct, inspect, and provide maintenance.  You can attend a vocational school or college.  You can earn up to $76,039 if you have a masters in Engineering.

Dog Groomer

Everyone loves their little dogs and pets.  They especially love when their furry friends are clean.  A dog groomer makes sure the owner is happy by listening to the needs of the dog and owner and groom the pet accordingly. A dog groomer usually graduates high school but must be trained in the art of grooming.


If you love to be in the kitchen and enjoy being creative with foods to make people happy and enjoy your art, this is the career for you. Most chefs graduate from a culinary arts school to perfect their craft. However, they are constantly learning and growing throughout their experience. The salary of a chef ranges a lot.

Crane Operator

In this profession, you directing a huge machine in order to take out walls for demolition of buildings, houses and larger forms of construction. This profession requires at least a high school diploma, along with training to operate a crane.  They make about $38,000.

Exhaust Emissions Inspector

Inspects and tests motor vehicle emission control systems. Observes dials and meters of testing equipment to determine exhaust emission content. The average salary is $32,000. You need to be certified in automobile repair.​

Farm Manager

This is a career if you care about agriculture.  People with this career make sure that everything on a farm Is taken care of properly.  They make sure that animals are fed properly and land is kept up to ensure maximum growth. For this job, you must graduate high school and maintain a certification as an Accredited Farm Manager (AFM).  Farm managers can make from $20,000 all the way to $65,000.


An electrician works with electrical wiring.  They install electrical lines, outlets, switches, circuit breakers for businesses and residential homes.  You can attend a trade school.  They can make up to $46,540.

Water Treatment Plant Operator

Treats contaminated water from wells, streams, and reservoirs so that it is safe to drink.  They remove harmful material, microorganisms, and debris.  A high school diploma, associate’s degree, or a one-year certificate from a program in water quality and waste-water treatment technology is beneficial. You can make a salary of $38,420.

Sanitation Superintendent

This career is a very important part of our environment as healthy humans.  Sanitation superintendents make sure that water and land is healthy for humans to survive on it. Sanitation superintendents must go through classes to ensure understanding of the given field. They make an average of $ 45,000

Quarry Supervisor

Can you get down and dirty in the open-pit mines (quarries).  Sure you can.  The supervisor would coordinate and manage the activities of the workers engaged in the quarries.  The work involved in the quarry would involve blasting, removing, and crushing ores.  This type of work includes drilling and blasting holes to provide access for trucking ores out of the mine.  The average salary for this profession is $54,000.

Log Grader

Grades logs in a sorting yard, millpond, or log deck according to industry or company standards. May require a high school diploma or its equivalent and 2-4 years of experience in the field or in a related area. Familiar with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within a particular field. Can make a salary of $37,750.


Workers in the drafting field create technical drawings that are the basis for the construction of a variety of buildings and various items. Drafters are required to have a degree and certification in architecture or engineering.  Most drafters make about $42,500.

Race Horse Trainer

This career choice ensures health and agility for race horses.  They stay and mentor the horses before and during their races.  This career is great if you love horses and making quick money.  A horse trainer must have a high school degree and have personal training with horses.

Disease and insect control field inspector

Do you like bugs?  Individuals who choose this path inspect the presence of noxious insects and plant diseases.  So basically you would identify characteristics of insects and diseases.  You would need a masters in biology that specializes in insect control.

Truck Driver

Truck drivers must be ready to drive long distances across their country to make sure they deliver shipments in time to their customers.  They require a high school diploma, as well as truck training for their license. An average truck driver makes $53,000.


Wild Life Control Agent

Do you like animals?  If so you would maintain and control the balance and habitat of animals.  You would manage property damage control measures, adjust hunting seasons, relocate wildlife.  You could major in agriculture or biology. The salary for a wildlife control agent can be up to $41,000.

Dental Lab Assistant

This job would require you to fill prescriptions from dentist.  The dentist gives you written instructions of the patient’s mouth.  You would repair and construct dentures, crowns, bridges, and other prosthetics ordered by the dentist.  They earn about $34,000 a year.

Laundry Operator

Makes sure a laundry facility is operating smoothly.  They work in laundromats, hotels, and nursing homes. A high school diploma is necessary.  On average, they make $36,600.

Auto Mechanic Service Manager

Inspect automobiles, perform routine maintained, and repair vehicles.  They work in mechanical shops.  You will need to go through an automotive program.  This career starts at about 15 dollars an hour.

Animal Keeper

Usually this career is based in a zoo.  An animal keeper must be trained to know how to take care of the specific animal that they are assigned to work with. They feed the animals, make sure the environment is right for the animals, as well as give them prescriptions, if needed. Animal keepers make about $8.25 an hour.

Ambulance Driver

Drives as an emergency medical technician (EMT) You would provide emergency care and basic life support to a patient. Must be at least 18 and licensed to drive a bus and required to have Red Cross first-aid training certificate.  The median salary of an EMT is $27,850.

Building Inspector

Do you have a keen eye?  Building inspectors check the structures of building flaws, safety issues, and violations of local and national building codes. You would need a high school diploma and state license.  With an engineering degree or certification, you will have more opportunities.  Most building inspectors earn between $39,000 - $57,000.

Brick Layer

Brick layers work with concrete, cinder blocks, tile, marble, and terra cotta.  They build and repair walls, chimneys, fireplaces, and other structures made of brick.  They make around $30,000.

Plumbing and Hydraulics Mechanic

Assembles, installs, and tests plumbing and hydraulic systems in aircrafts.  An engineering degree is required.

Concrete Mixing Plant Supervisor 

Supervise and manage workers in transporting, mixing concrete, and transferring sand from barges and trucks to storage piles or bins.  You will make around $27,000 working this career.

Piano Technician

For musicians, this is important career for people to have. Piano technicians use what they know about music to help tune pianos and make sure that every mechanism in the instrument is prefect enough to make a beautiful sound. Trade schools may teach this skill and a minor in Music would be helpful. They can make up to $51,000.

Motor Grader Operator

Operates a self-propelled grader to provide construction and maintenance for streets, airports, dikes, highways, and roads.  They make between $32,000 to $54,000.

Machine Operator

Machine operators ensure the safety and efficiency of lathes, milling machines, and grinders.  Machine operators must be specially trained for the machines in which they operate.  The average salary is $30,000.


Bakers mix the skills of culinary arts and literal arts to create on tasty treat for everyone to enjoy. They think of ways to mix different ingredients to make a treat the masses will enjoy. Bakers are either self-taught or can further their knowledge of foods through a culinary arts school in which they will learn more about the foods they are using.  The salary for this career ranges accordingly.

Forest Manager

If you care about the environment, specifically of forests, this is the job for you.  Forest managers make sure that everything is well in the forest habitat for all the animals and plants. They may prevent people from destroying the habitat. You have to maintain a degree in Biology for this career. These managers can make from$ 19,000 up to an astounding $72,000.

Transportation Maintenance Supervisor

Employees in this job supervise the repair and maintenance of state and federal trunk lines and public access sites through application of an organized body of knowledge related to materials, tools, equipment and procedures associated with highway maintenance. They must maintain a 4-year degree at a university and on-site training.  The average salary for this career is $27,000.


Surveyors collect information about land.  They conduct research of legal documents and records to determine the boundaries and purchase price.  People in this career have a bachelor’s degree in civil engineer or forestry.  Check your state requirements.  The college you attend should be accredited by the Board for Engineering and Technology.  Surveyors make an average of $42,980.

Meter Reader

Reads a meter dial and writes tickets to residents that are parked illegally.  Inspects meters for damage and unauthorized connections.  Requires a high school diploma and pays about $29,000.


Janitors are hired by companies to clean and keep up the appearance of their buildings through cleaning products and such. Janitorial work only requires the correct training from someone that is qualified. They usually work about minimum wage.

Aircraft Technician

Are you good with fixing mechanical machines?  An aircraft technician repairs and fixes planes and helicopters.  They check for communication and diagnostic issues.  You would have to be licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration. The average salary is $49,010.

Parts, Order and Stock Clerk

Order parts and supplies for companies.  Obtains purchase order numbers and examines invoices against requisitions to determine the quality and quantity of merchandise.  Stocks merchandise in storerooms and bins.  High school degree required, along with 4-year program. Salary is about $23,400

Horticultural Worker

A horticulture worker is a basically a scientific florist.  They raise and nurture flowers and plants to perfection.  They also inbreed flowers for rare mixes in order to sell to flower lovers.  Most horticultural workers have at least a degree in high school and simply a plot of knowledge in flowers.  They make above minimum wage, possibly 15.00 an hour.

Aircraft Assembler

They make sure that all the necessary parts are available for an aircraft. Inspect aircraft assemblies using aircraft assembler instrumentation and inspection system of respect for technical specifications. You can go to trade schools for this career to be qualified. They make about $47,850.


A great way to become a rancher is to start in high school by joining Future Farmers of America. Then you may go into an agriculture program in a university.  A business background would be ideal, also, to expand the maximum amount of money you will be able to earn as a rancher.  You will be responsible for the raising of animals.  The salary for a rancher ranges.

Fish Hatchery Worker 

Fish need to be cared for too.  Fish hatchery workers take eggs from unhealthy, polluted environments and grow them in controlled environment to ensure health.  They then release the fish back into an environment when they’re strong enough to survive without the help of an outside source.  This career requires a bachelor’s degree in agricultural sciences in the related field. Fish hatchery managers make an average of $48,000.

Forestry Aide

Do you like being outdoors?  A forestry aid worker collects and analyze data of the overall condition of forest tracts.  You would educate visitors on forest policies.  Requires a high school diploma with 2-4 years of experience in the field or in a related area. Salary is about $24,000.

Power Plant Operator

With this job, you control, operate, or maintain machinery to generate electric power. This includes auxiliary equipment operators. many nuclear power reactor operators have bachelor's degrees in engineering or the physical sciences. Workers selected for training as power plant operators or distributors undergo extensive on-the-job training and classroom instruction. Several years of training and experience are necessary to become fully qualified. You can make between $58,300 and $87,000.


Material Inspector

Inspects, examines, and test products in a factory to make sure they measure up to a company’s standards and government quality-control regulations.

Molding Machine Technician

Molding Machine Technicians provide technical support for a variety of specialized machines like plodder, tuber and glass forming machines. Sometimes referred to as inspectors or weathers, they perform daily maintenance, calibrate machines and document repairs in detailed maintenance reports. Being a molding machine technician simply requires the proper training in the subject as well as the ability to physically endure heavy items.

Bulldozer Operator

In this profession, you must have the skills to move an entire bulldozer.  Do you like road work and construction sites?  You must be fully aware of your surroundings to ensure the best job.  You must have a license to operate a bulldozer and a high school diploma. Bulldozer operators can make up to $40,000.


A plumber’s job is to make sure that plumbing throughout one’s house is safe and working properly. They also assist on fixing problems in plumbing and water flow. Plumbers are usually trained in a plumbing program for certification. The average salary for a plumber is $40,300.

Truck Safety Inspector

If you like to ensure the safety of others, this is a great job for you. Truck safety inspectors make sure trucks have the tools they need for a safe trip, as well as inspect if there is something that may be wrong with the truck before a trip. They require knowledge in automotive mechanics and can make up to $35,350.

Bridge Inspector

Examines and inspects railroad bridges, trestles, culverts, and waterways to detect damage.  They determine if the structure is safe and conforms to regulations. A degree in Civil Engineering is required. They can make up to $65,000 a year!