Racecar Driver

If you have the need for speed, this career may be up your alley.  Racecar drivers must know a lot about cars to ensure the fastest going car.  You also must love to face fear to drive as fast as possible. The only requirement for this job is to drive fast.  Depending on the sponsors, you can make millions of dollars with this career.

Professional Athlete

Are you the star basketball player at your school? Are you fast on the track? Do you love hockey? This career may be great for you.  With this fun career, you can do what you love to do.  You must at least graduate high school and start into your college education in order to get drafted into a sport.  Depending on the team and sponsors, you can make millions of dollars with this career.

Fitness Instructor

With more people getting concerned about their weight, a fitness instructor is a great job to be in.  Fitness instructors work for a gym or specific person to insure an individual’s health.  They work out with that individual as well as create diet instructions.  To be a fitness instructor you must have a bachelor’s degree in that specialized field.  Fitness instructors make an average of $46,800.

Criminal Investigator

Depending on what your concentration in college was, criminal investigators’ job descriptions vary.  However, the main point of your job at hand is to conduct investigations of crime scenes for a criminal case and then assist in testifying before a court with real evidence.  Different degrees that qualify for this career include a Bachelors in Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice, or Forensics.   The average salary for a criminal investigator is $65,000.

Deputy Sheriff

This career is great if you like to be in charge of a large number of people that help take care of the community.  Deputies are usually over the police force and help enforce the laws of a county.  To become a sheriff, you must pass a physical and written test after at least a high school diploma. You then go through certification programs for law enforcement.  The average salary for a deputy sheriff is  $47,650.

Security Guard

For this career, you must be willing to put others before yourself as you risk your life for the security of others.  You have the possibility of being a security guard of an organization or just one single person.  Either way, you are armed and ready to protect. A security guard must have a minimum of a high school diploma and then go through training for law enforcement.

Corrections Officer

In this career, you must juggle a lot of jobs.  You must honor security, be ready for any types of action, be a teacher, and a counselor.  Corrections officers must do their best to oversee people that have gotten arrested as well as counsel them out of their bad-doings. For this career, you must major in Developmental Psychology. The average salary for corrections officers is $25,000.    

Ski Instructor

This is a fun and exciting career if you loving, accomplished, patient skier.  A ski instructor must be able to teach simple ski skills to those who want this. Also, those who are wishing to go further into professional skiing my need a ski instructor to further their career. The average salary for a Ski Instructor is $20,000-$30,000.

Harbor Master

If you enjoy boats and love the mystery of the sea, a career as a harbor master may be a match for you.  Harbor masters are like police of the harbor. They stake out in a boat and make sure nothing ‘fishy’ is happening on the sea.  This career protects mariners, makes sure no one pollutes in the sea, and investigates crime.

Helicopter/Airplane Captain

A helicopter/airplane captain is the lead driver of the helicopter/airplane. You may have to train others in the process. You have to have a high school diploma and continue onto get a flying certification. This can make the average salary of $43,300.  


This career may be scary but it is self-gratifying when you save lives of so many people every year.  You are almost always on call to await your next fire. After graduating high school, you have to pass a physical and written test to become a firefighter.  Then, you must complete firefighting training.  Average salary for a firefighter is $32,000.


· Likes a physical challenge and adventure at work
· Protect others lives and property.
· Requires rigorous physical training activities
· Perform physical duties at work

Armed Service

If you love defending your country, this is the right career for you.  This is a high-risk career and you travel all over the world to stand on guard in defense of your country. You can be in the Navy, Air Force, Marines and Army.  You can be called into duty at any time to fight.  You must have graduated high school and completed training/boot camp. The average salary for an armed service member is $42,000.

Police Officer

A police officer Is a great career if you care about your community and keeping it safe.  They are always on their toes at the work, not knowing if their next assignment is an armed robbery or just helping with traffic.  Police officers just need a high school diploma and possibly a Bachelor’s in criminology.  After, they must complete training for the police department. The average salary for a police officer is $49,000.

Conservation Officer

A conservation officer must love animals and wild life. They make sure everything in conservations (parks dedicated to conserving wild life) are going perfectly fine to ensure health in the environment.  You must have a Bachelor’s in biology or environmental studies and possibly a masters to maintain this career.  Conservation officers make an average of $60,175.

Physical Education Teacher

Gym teachers start people off in a healthy life in an early age.  They work for a school and create fitness plans or just teach children how to play basic sports to make sure they get their exercise.  They must have an education degree with a concentration in that specialized field.  Gym teachers can make up to $42,000 a year.

Private Investigator

These investigators may be one of the riskier professions.  You can work for the government or for your own firm.  Some of your assignments may be to find a lost love for someone or to find someone’s long lost father. You use different hi-tech instruments in your search for someone or something.  You may have a major in Forensic Sciences or Military Sciences.  Your average salary will be about $26,000.

Fire Marshal

Make sure you don’t confuse fire marshal with fire fighter! Fire marshals come after the fire has been taken care of by fire fighters and then begin investigations of how and why the fire started.  They find out if it was a criminal action or if it was simply a stove. It is required that fire marshals have a Bachelor’s degree in fire sciences and then go on to get a Master’s in the subject.  Fire marshals make between $60,000-$70,000.


Members of a SWAT Team must involve themselves in high-risk situations in which they have to capture or rescue civilians or tackle hostage situations.  They carry hi-tech weapons and are the most highly trained unit of the police department. SWAT team members must have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in the police department along with 2-4 years’ education in criminal justice. The medium salary for SWAT Team members is $61,000.

Ski Patroller

Being in the ski patrol is an intense career.  Their career environment includes mountains and ranges in which people ski and do other ski-related sports.  Your task on this job is to ensure skiing safety, as well as assisting people that have been hurt in a ski-related accident. Basically, you’re an EMT or paramedic on a snowmobile.   You must have a high school diploma, along with paramedic training for this job as well training for transportation.  The average salary for a ski patroller is $22,000.

State Highway Patrol

Highway patrol’s goals are to enforce traffic laws and to ensure safety on the highways.  You may also have to sit at highway checkpoints between states (or countries) and check cars for unusual imports and exports.  The requirements to be a state highway patrol vary throughout states.  However, most likely you will need at least a high school diploma, and maybe a bachelor’s degree along with special training in highway patrol.  The average salary varies from state to state, but is about $45,950.

Special Agent

FBI special agents are responsible for not allowing huge crimes to happen, and if they do, FBI agents are the first to investigate said crimes. You may work on matters concerning terrorism, white-collar crimes, cybercrimes, and other hugely governmental crimes.  The FBI is very selective in their hiring processes. You must be under the age of 37, but older than 23.  You also have to have a bachelor’s degree. On top of that, you must be able to pass a written and physical test.  FBI agents’ salaries vary upon placement


A bailiff is a part of the court that announces the trial, escorts the jury and judge to ensure safety, make sure that there is control and order in the court throughout trial, as well as end court disputes so the judge can continue in his/her judgment.   You must have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice for this career. The average salary for a bailiff is $35,000.

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Military Officer

Military officers are the lead of the military.  These are the ones that plan strategies for their military personnel as well as training and recruiting in order to shape the best military possible.  Military officers must have at least a high school diploma, as well as go through grueling training and working their way up from a regular military position.  The average salary for a military officer ranges from $72,000 to $112,000.