Dr. Peart created MSQ to provide teens and parents a space to access free information on parenting and how to deal with social issues.  She believes that individuals should look for reasons why they can achieve a task as oppose to why you can't.  From the words of Dr. Peart you can do it, you can do it, you can do it! Do you have a question you want answered without judgement?  Ask MSQ.

MSQ Teen addresses social issues that teens face on a daily basis.

MSQ Teen Forum is where teens can express themselves and connect with other teens to positively disscuss social issues teen face.

Mommie Talk with Dr. Peart & Ms. Jazzii adresses issues that parents deal with on a daily basis.

​The Careers section provides information on several career options available that you can choose from.  There are several careers to choose from.  We hope you find one that interest you and come up with plan to achieve your goals.  You can do it!

The College section is where you can find information on colleges, grants, scholarships, and financial aid (FAFSA).​

The Commonly Asked Questions section is where you can find common questions that people ask about life.  We only offer suggestions! 


Ask MSQ section is where our visitors can ask for suggestions on a topic.  We never reveal your identify.  

Your Questions Answered section is MSQ response to our visitors questions.

Team MSQ

Ms. Jazzii

Do you have a question you want answered without judgement?


MSQ is a resource for teens and parents to answer questions on social issues we may encounter through our lives.
Information is also provided on colleges and career options.

We answer questions on Appearances, Dating, Drugs & Alcohol, Feelings & Forgiveness, Grieving, Home Life, Leisure Time, Parenting, Peers​, School & Work, Sex & Morals, and Your Future

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